Organizational Consultants

The Organizational Consultants Team at Ebeltoft . Sickler . Lawyers is a broad-based team, representing the needs of clients, both public and private, in meeting their legal needs.

Government Entity Representation - Ebeltoft . Sickler . Lawyers is one of the few firms in North Dakota focusing on representation of government entities. The team has long and deep experience in this area. The firm's lawyers serve as city attorneys for a number of communities, both big and small. In this role, the team is adept at drafting necessary municipal ordinances, resolutions, and government-entity agreements required to conduct business well as a municipal government. Our lawyers take pride in their ability to help cities conduct their business well, to meet city goals, and to ensure compliance with the myriad of state regulations and statutes governing municipal government. Our lawyers are leaders in the area of municipal legal representation, helping keep our clients informed about legislative enactments, regulatory changes, and other matters that affect the business of municipal government.

In addition to representing municipalities, the firm's lawyers have also periodically served as assistant state's attorneys, advised airport authority boards, universities, school boards, and many other public entities. This experience representing the public sector has allowed Ebeltoft . Sickler . Lawyers to develop a strong expertise in the unique needs and challenges facing public entities. We take it as a source of pride for ourselves and our firm to be actively involved for the public good within our state and region. Assisting our public entity clients with their legal needs is part of our mission, and part of our job.

Private Entity Representation - Our Organizational Consultants Team is also privileged to have broad and deep experience representing not-for-profit entities. Our lawyers serve as general counsel to hospitals, long-term care facilities such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities. We also represent foundations, charities, and other public-interest entities. In addition to helping clients on specific legal problems facing them, our lawyers regularly attend client board meetings, assisting them with overall corporate governance, ensuring regulatory compliance, and keeping them informed about legislative changes affecting them. We start by gaining a thorough understanding of each client's unique needs and objectives. Partnering with our clients, we can then identify the results they hope to achieve. For these organizations, an active approach to meeting legal challenges is necessary. Our team's experience and expertise is a key component to their success. Our clients trust us to advocate on their behalf, and to provide sound legal counsel for even the most difficult situations.