Alternatives To Litigation

Lawyers know better than most that not every dispute should result in a lawsuit. Good lawyers know that not every lawsuit should result in a trial. Most lawyers have participated as advocates in court-directed or privately facilitated settlement conferences and mediation. The trick for the client is to hire lawyers who know that non-bidding ADR is an opportunity to learn, to teach and to persuade, not merely another step in the process where success can be achieved only if an immediate settlement results. Ebeltoft . Sickler . Lawyers are the lawyers you need.

Ebeltoft . Sickler . Lawyers have hands-on experience with how the ADR processes, at their simplest and their most complex, actually work. As a result, at Ebeltoft . Sickler . Lawyers ADR is not treated as merely a poor relative of the litigation process. When we are hired as business counsel, we can implement a program of dispute resolution within your company that will help keep you from the courtroom. When hired as litigation counsel, we can chart an early course that will use ADR most effectively for you. We can use our experience to provide that extra measure of innovation to help bring parties together.