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Mar 14, 2011

Becoming a lawyer is a process, not an event [Section 3 of 5]

By: Paul Ebeltoft

A Suggested Reading List
For People Who Would Like To Become A Lawyer

"What will help prepare us for law school?" "What are the skills that may make a good lawyer great?" "What is it like to be a lawyer?" We lawyers have all had these questions asked of us. I rely on others to begin to answer them.

Due to space limitations in this column, I have divided 25 recommended readings and film suggestions into sections. This is the third of five. Look for the remaining sections in coming months or check in the archives to the left for those you may have missed.

I welcome suggestions and comments.

C. Some Hints To Get There

1. Law School Confidential
By: Robert H. Miller

This book includes a review of how to prepare for the LSAT and no-nonsense chapter about selection of law schools to which you might apply and have a reasonable chance at admission. However, as the title implies, most of the book is about surviving law school once you are there. Unlike the Turow’s One L, Miller takes you through the entire law school experience.

2. How to Get into Law School
By: Susan Estrich

Estrich is a straight-talking law professor who will answer your questions – whatever they are. Unhappy with your LSAT’s, Professor Estrich has words for you. Are you thinking about law school but without a clue about what to do? She will guide you there as well.