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Nov 28, 2022

Lawyer Cerkoney is a Certified Farm Succession Coordinator

Ebeltoft . Sickler . Lawyers is proud to announce that Lawyer Marissa Cerkoney is now a Certified Farm Succession Coordinator! Earlier this fall, Marissa completed extensive training from the International Farm Transition Network, which provided her with knowledge on issues frequently encountered by farm families and many different tools and approaches to help clients navigate and plan for the ongoing process of transitioning the farm business to a successor. Following her training, Marissa took an exam to receive her certification and recently found out that she has passed! Congratulations, Marissa, we are very proud of your achievement.

So, what is a farm succession coordinator? Simply put, a farm succession coordinator facilitates an open discussion for all involved in the transition process. The farm succession coordinator ensures that everyone involved in the family farm has the ability to be heard and voice concerns about transitioning the farm business. Through the process, the farm succession coordination will assist in creating a plan that is curated to each farm family’s specific goals and that will allow the farm business to continue successfully beyond the current generation while still caring for the needs of the preceding generation.

The process of transitioning the family farm is a daunting task. The good news, however, is you do not have to
undertake it alone. If you think you could benefit from a farm succession coordinator, please contact Attorney Marissa Cerkoney at (701) 225-5297.