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Mar 06, 2010

Lawyer Bouray attends International Oil and Gas Conference

Our Real Estate and Mineral Law partner, Nate Bouray, attended the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation's "Short Course on Oil and Gas Law” held over the course of five days in Westminster, Colorado.

Although titled the "Short Course", the program was a week-long seminar covering the details of oil and gas development and the law pertaining to it. The faculty for the course included high profile speakers and presenters who provided in-depth analysis of the geology of hydrocarbon creation, production, leasing, implied covenants, title issues, royalty issues, joint operating agreements, farm-out agreements, surface rights, and extraction tax issues.

In addition to Mr. Bouray, other attendees of the program included law school professors, federal government employees, representatives of national oil and gas companies, oil developers, government workers and lawyers from several foreign countries including Venezuela, Columbia, South Korea, Indonesia, Chile, Ghana, Tanzania and New Zealand.