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May 07, 2010

Sickler Attends USLAW Conference

During four days in April, Randall Sickler participated in a semi-annual gathering of the membership of the USLAW Network. The conference was held in Miami Beach, Florida and was attended by member lawyers and over 200 of their national clients. Among other topics, the lawyers and their clients discussed emerging trends in products liability, construction and business litigation. There was also an open exchange of ideas between the lawyers and their clients as to ways in which lawyers can provide additional value-added benefits to their clients.

The USLAW Network is a national organization composed of over 60 independent, defense-based law firms with nearly 4,000 attorneys covering the entire United States and Mexico. USLAW members represent some of the country’s leading businesses in matters ranging from complex commercial litigation, employment law, products liability, construction and transportation law, and professional malpractice. To learn more about the USLAW Network, visit